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You've reached the music site page of Tobin Smith, guitarist. The audio page will tell you more about me than a written bio possibly could... That said, some accomplishments include earning a BA in Music from Seton Hill University (where the main focus was classical), composing and recording music for movie soundtracks (some featuring the little-used nose flute/kazoo), playing and singing all kinds of music, from 50's to southern rock to country, even Play That Funky Music, in a Baltimore based variety band, and releasing a few cds. The second most recent cd is from the Chesapeake Flute and Guitar Duo, a duo I formed with a flute player in Maryland. The cd features well-known classical pieces, jazz standards and an original flute and guitar piece I composed.

After school I settled a bit, teaching and playing, but mostly I travelled around the country, settling in various areas for pieces of time. I always ended up back in MD until I eventually relocated to Raleigh, NC, in August of 2005. Since then I've been exploring the music scene and co-founded the now defunct bluegrass band, the Rail Readers.

I plan to add to this site some video observations from years of studying guitar, as well as some tab and recordings to illustrate various guitar ideas, exercises and arrangements.

This site is more about my music than me, so please check out the audio page. The drawings used throughout the site were done by friends of mine and have nothing to do with my music - I just like think they're great drawings. I am not the light bulb man - this is me in the current human incarnation.


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